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Hello Nurses, welcome to my blog NURSING IMPULSE in this article we will talk about strategies to crack NORCET exam. I’m sure that these strategies will help you in your AIIMS NORCET exam preparation and help you to crack norcet exam.

Nursing government jobs in INDIA

You all know that in a country like India, everybody loves a government job whether it is a clerk
or of an officer post for a small number of vacancies lakhs of persons apply for the post in
nursing the condition is the same after getting the Registration certificate everybody starts preparing
for the government exam. In India, the government sector provides various opportunities for the
nurses like you can become a Nursing officer, Community health officer or you can join
teaching field as Tutor.

Nursing officer in AIIMS

Becoming a Nursing officer is the dream of every nurse especially in the hospital like AIIMS,
All India Institute of Medical Science is a group of hospitals spread across the country these
hospitals are funded by the central government of India.
The best thing about AIIMS which attracts all nurses toward itself is its salary and facilities
the Nursing officer starting salary in AIIMS would be around 75000 to 80000 which is
highest in the whole country no other hospital pays this much salary not only salary but
AIIMS provide quarter to its employees.
AIIMS DELHI conducts the Nursing officer recruitment common eligibility test (NORCET)
twice a year every year lakhs of registered nurses apply for the Norcet exam and only a few
candidates are selected. That’s why for getting a selection in Aiims you need a lot of
preparation so that you can clear the exam with a good rank and get your favorite AIIMS.
Strategies which I am going to tell you will help you to clear this exam and get a good rank.

Strategy to crack NORCET exam

Preparing for the NORCET (Nursing Officer Recruitment Common Eligibility Test) exam requires a
strategic approach. Here’s a step-by-step strategy to help you prepare effectively:

1. Understand the Exam

Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern, syllabus, and marking scheme. Gather information on the subjects covered, the number of questions, and the time
duration of the exam.

For brief knowledge regarding the syllabus and exam pattern, you can read this,

AIIMS NORCET syllabus & exam pattern

2. Create a Study Schedule

Develop a realistic study plan that covers all the topics systematically. Allocate specific time slots for each subject and ensure you have enough time for revision and practice.

3. Gather Study Material

Collect the necessary study materials, including notes, textbooks, reference books, previous years’ question papers, and online resources. Make sure you have the latest editions of the recommended books.

Books recommended for NORCET exam: TARGET HIGH or PR Yadav

4. Focus on Core Subjects

NORCET typically covers subjects related to Nursing such as Anatomy & Physiology, Medical-Surgical Nursing, OBG, Psychiatric Nursing, Biochemistry, Microbiology, etc, and not only nursing subjects but also covers Reasoning, General Awareness & General Knowledge, and Quantitative Aptitude. So you have to give time for all subjects so that you can prepare all subjects. Dedicate more time to weak areas while maintaining a balanced approach.

5. Break It Down

Divide each subject into smaller topics or chapters. Break down your study sessions accordingly, focusing on one topic at a time. This approach will help you understand and
retain the concepts better.

6. Conceptual Clarity

Focus on building a strong foundation of fundamental concepts. Understand the underlying principles and theories rather than relying solely on rote memorization. Use visual aids, flowcharts, and mnemonic techniques to simplify complex topics. You can also take help from Youtube to clear your concept.

7. Practice Regularly


Solve a sufficient number of practice questions and sample papers to improve your problem-solving skills and speed. Analyze your performance, identify weak areas, and work on improving them.

8. Mock Tests:

Take regular mock tests to feel the actual exam environment. This will help you gauge your progress, improve time management, and get accustomed to the exam format. Analyze your performance after each mock test to identify areas that need improvement.

7. Stay Updated

Stay updated with current affairs, especially in the healthcare sector. Follow newspapers especially English newspapers, news websites, and magazines to keep yourself informed about the latest developments.

8. Revision:

Allocate dedicated time for revision, especially in the last few weeks leading up to the exam. Review important topics, formulas, and concepts. Focus on solving previous years’ question papers to get acquainted with the exam pattern and identify common question types.

9. Stay Healthy

Take care of your physical and mental well-being. Maintain a balanced diet, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly. Avoid excessive stress and practice relaxation techniques to stay focused and motivated.

10. Stay Positive

Maintain a positive mindset throughout your preparation journey. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family members who can encourage and motivate you.

Remember, effective preparation requires consistency, discipline, and dedication. This strategy to crack NORCET exam will work only when you will follow these strategies diligently, and adapt them to your individual learning style and preferences.

Best of luck for your NORCET exam!

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