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Welcome nurses, welcome to my blog Nursing Impulse, in this article today we will talk about whether Indian registered nurses should go to the UK, whether is it appropriate, what will be the benefits, and why not other countries. If you have 4 year BSC Nursing degree or 3 year G.N.M diploma and you are registered with any Nursing Council in India then you can work as a nurse.

Nursing in Indian

Talking about a country like India, there is a lot of demand for the nursing profession here because the population of India is 150 crores, so the healthcare sector of India is huge and nurses play a very big role in it, it is difficult to provide medical services without nurses, The contribution of nurses in providing medical care is as important as that of doctors.

Nurses Salary in India Government vs Private Hospital

Talking about any profession, whether it is a nurse or any other, salary is a very big factor, in a country like India, where there is a huge difference between the government and the private sector. For example, if we talk about the salary for the post of Staff Nurse, which is now known as Nursing Officer, then the Central government gives a salary of Level-7 to the Nursing Officer according to the Central Pay Matrix level and if we include all the allowances in that, then the total starting salary would be between 75 to 80 thousand, along with government quarter will also be available, there will be health insurance of the whole family members while if we talk about staff nurse job in private hospitals, then no matter how big the hospital is, you will get only between 15000 to 20000 rupees as starting salary.

So after completing the nursing course, there is tension that how to get a government nursing officer job, competition for government jobs is very high lakhs of students apply for a few hundred or thousand posts, so the children who are intelligent get a government job but those who do not get a government job it doesn’t mean that they do not have any other chance, now they will have to work in a private hospital for Rs.15,000.

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Opportunities for nurses outside India

The purpose of this article is that those nurses who are not satisfied with their low salaries in private hospitals, those who feel that they want to do something, then there chance to them that they can earn lakhs of rupees in their nursing job, you have read correctly. Not only the engineers of India, but nurses are also taking advantage of their skills by serving in different countries of the world and earning a good amount of money. In this article, I will tell you why going to the UK is beneficial for Indian nurses instead of working in private hospitals.

10 benefits of going to the UK as a nurse

In this article, I will tell you the benefits of going to the United Kingdom (UK) as a nurse. The United Kingdom (UK) is indeed a popular destination for Indian nurses due to several reasons. Here are 10 factors that make the UK a good choice for Indian nurses

1. Career opportunities :

The UK offers excellent career opportunities for nurses. The National Health Service (NHS) is one of the largest employers of nurses in the country, providing a wide range of job openings across various specialties and healthcare settings.

2. Competitive salaries :

Nurses in the UK receive competitive salaries that are higher than in many other countries. The basic pay of a registered nurse working in an NHS hospital in the UK is £25,655/annum in INR which is about Rs 26,62,062. The pay scale is regulated and ensures fair compensation for their skills and expertise.

3. Professional development :

The UK emphasizes continuous professional development for nurses. There are ample opportunities for further education, training, and specialization, allowing nurses to enhance their knowledge and skills throughout their careers.

4. Recognition of Indian nursing qualifications :

The UK recognizes Indian nursing qualifications, making it relatively easier for Indian nurses to obtain the necessary registration and work permits to practice in the country.

5. Cultural diversity :

The UK is known for its multicultural society, and Indian nurses can find a welcoming environment that celebrates diversity. They can interact with people from various backgrounds and learn from different healthcare practices, enriching their professional experience.

6. Language advantage :

English is the primary language in the UK, and Indian nurses, who often possess good English language skills, can communicate effectively with colleagues, patients, and healthcare professionals.

7. Quality healthcare system :

The UK has a well-established healthcare system with a strong emphasis on patient care. Working within such a system can provide Indian nurses with valuable exposure to best practices and high-quality standards of care.

8. Work-life balance :

The UK values work-life balance, and nurses often enjoy reasonable working hours, paid vacations, and other benefits that contribute to their overall well-being. The NHS nurse has to work only 37.5 hours a week and gets 27 days of paid leaves every year.

9. Social benefits :

As employees of the NHS, Indian nurses in the UK are entitled to various social benefits, including healthcare coverage, NHS pension plans, maternity leave, and sick leave.

10. Pathway to settlement :

The UK offers pathways to settlement for skilled professionals, including nurses. After a certain period of working and meeting the required criteria, Indian nurses can apply for settlement, enabling them to build a long-term career and life in the UK.

These are the 10 reasons that make the UK different from the rest of the countries for nurses, so whatever hard work you had done in preparation for getting a government job in less effort you can clear the IELTS exam and you can open the gate of opportunities for yourself.

Procedure to go UK as a nurse

If you want to go to the UK, then now this question will be coming to your mind what is the way to go to the UK, how much it will cost to go there, you can read all the procedures by opening this link given below. https://globalnurseforce.com/nurse-in-uk


It’s important to note that immigration policies and regulations can change over time, so it’s advisable to consult up-to-date sources and official government websites for the most accurate and current information.

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